Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Dream Come True

I am sooooo excited to announce that I have gotten tickets for Kylie's first ever show in Canada, coming to the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on October 9th. Like many, I was a bit upset yesterday when the pre-sale for the show started. The pre-sale was for AMEX Gold card carriers and fans who had signed up for her official mailing list. The mailing list fans were to receive an e-mail before the presale started at 10am with a special code word enclosed within to purchase tickets. However, many of us (myself included) were most upset when the e-mail didn't arrive until 10:45 or later, leaving us all ticketless.

By some saving grace, because the initial pre-sale tickets had gone so quickly, Camp Kylie chose to release more tickets this morning.... and so, here I am, a happy boy indeed counting down the days until I go see Kylie in the flesh.

I have been a fan of Kylie's since I was 6 or 7 years old. I can still remember my Brother getting her first album on cassette for his birthday and me falling in love with her music (especially the Loco-Motion which my Mom liked to listen to as well because she was familiar with the Little Eva version). I also immediately liked her because we shared a similar first name, my name being Kyle, and it was the first time I had ever heard the name Kylie. Nowadays that sort of thing wouldn't have any effect on me, but when you're 6..... weird things matter to you. I guess I thought she was a kindred spirit because I believed the name Kyle was a rare name (it was not often I ran into another kid named Kyle or had one in any of my school classes) and any variation of that name was special to me. I was a strange child okay? I also once believed that I was responsible for Gloria Estefan's bus accident. Go figure!

Given that Kylie's albums after her second release, 1989's "Enjoy Yourself", were no longer released widely in Canada, it became harder to collect her music, but between paying high prices finding them in import sections in record stores in Toronto, buying them in record stores in Scotland on one of my many trips there to visit family, and having a great cousin over in Scotland to bring me the latest album when she visited, I have been able to sustain my collection.

And now here we are, Kylie has been making a name for herself in North America since the release of Fever and it's finally come time to perform for her many adoring fans on this side of the pond. Get your tickets as soon as you can because they are sure to go fast. The official onsale date is this coming Friday May 15th at 10am, but if you care to join in on the presale and get your tickets a bit earlier, the fanclub password is COSMIC. Good luck.

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