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Kylie Toronto Star Review: By Ben Rayner

Although I feel that my review was sufficient enough for this blog, I do feel that it's important to include the words of proper reviewer's as well, mainly because I don't really consider myself a writer, I'm just a fan with some time on his hands. Here is the review from the Toronto Star about the Toronto show (obviously).

Canada's a bit more tuned in than the States, but Kylie Minogue's audience in North America still largely seems to consist of gay men and geeky music writers who over the years have consistently found themselves as wooed by the wee Aussie superstar's classy brand of haute couture pop as they have her feminine wiles.

Critics don't tend to buy records and concert tickets, mind you, so Kylie has her boys to thank for the resounding success of her first tour of these shores, a modest, six-city, nine-day jaunt that finally arrived 22 years into Minogue's singing career at the Air Canada Centre on Friday night. The men, in fact, outnumbered the women about two-to-one in a modest, but passionate crowd of maybe 10,000, prompting my friend Daniel – who writes for Fab magazine and is therefore a reliable authority on these matters – to remark: "It's like Pride Week in here. This is gayer than Madonna."

Only halfway into its run, this "test" tour has gone so much better than expected that the 41-year-old Minogue has reportedly already been offered a residency in Las Vegas, which is likely bad news for Celine Dion but very good news indeed for the legions of Kylie faithful on these shores who've been denied easy access to the high-glam stage spectacles she's been taking to the rest of the planet all these years.

Good news for Kylie, too, as her whole mystique makes a lot more sense once you've seen her perform. She exudes such a charming and friendly persona from the stage that she made the act of descending from the ceiling atop a giant, metallic skull whilst wrapped in multicoloured boas and sporting what looked like a model of a solar system on her head seem almost down-to-earth.
That was just for the opener, "Light Years." Once on the ground, she let a co-ed troupe of eight dancers clad in helmets and skin-tight fetish-wear handle most of the footwork while she slunk coquettishly, but gracefully through their taut robo-choreography, singing (mostly singing, anyway; there might have been a few "guide vocals" here and there) the robust dance-pop ditties "Speakerphone" and "Come Into My World" in a variety of stylized poses.

Costume changes courtesy of designers Jean-Paul Gauthier and Alexander McQueen abounded as the two-hour performance wore on, while a production that no doubt cost a minute fraction of the last Madonna tour's budget made the most of a set that relied primarily on a couple of risers and a few modular, moving LED screens drenched in multicolour graphics and video clips depicting Kylie and her dancers in various states of ingenious undress.

The more elaborate set flourishes, meanwhile, were tailored to the fans who Minogue clearly holds dearest to her heart. A replica bathhouse complete with steam jets, bamboo screens and four chiselled hunks of shirtless man-candy working up a lather in checked shower stalls was unveiled for "Red Blooded Woman," while a string-soaked recording of Dorothy's "There's no place like home" speech from The Wizard of Oz and a video reel of Kylie in Judy Garland drag teed up a goopy mid-set ballad sequence. "If you're gonna go gay, go gay," remarked the gentleman behind me.

Minogue then emerged from the shadows clad in a white evening gown to deliver "White Diamond" and "Confide in Me" from the comfort of an oversized chaise longue flanked by life-sized bronze panthers. Somehow she pulled it off without looking totally ridiculous, just ridiculous enough.

All of this, of course, would be empty without the mighty catalogue of hits with which Kylie has been blessed since she outgrew the Stock, Aitken & Waterman-abetted teenage output such as "The Loco-motion" (still her biggest hit in Canada and the States, sadly) and started putting a populist spin on contemporary club music. Her other transatlantic smash, 2001's frosty electro-pop masterpiece "Can't Get You Out of My Head" had the room in a predictable tizzy, but it came early in a tight set list stocked with international hits – "Slow," "2 Hearts," "In My Arms" – that proved equally familiar singalongs in the hands of true Kylie devotees. There was also a lone new number, an impossibly catchy disco detonator called "Better Than Today," that would seem to herald more hits to come. Kylie didn't totally sweep her dubious past under the rug, either, donning a black negligee and yet another pair of thigh-high boots to recast "The Loco-motion" as a feline burlesque romp.

"It was really difficult getting here, but now that I'm here it feels totally perfect," a pleased-looking Minogue said at one point. I doubt anyone here who gets what she's about would be inclined to disagree.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kylie Video Blog #24: NY Hearts Kylie!

What do the people of New York think about Kylie? Watch the above video to find out. P.S. Thank you to the one fan who mentioned that Beyonce has been stealing Kylie's performance style since the Fever tour. I completely agree and have been saying that for years now. Well done, sir! By the way, I know all of these artists steal from everybody, I'm sure Kylie stole the idea from a Michael Jackson show or something but at least she put her own spin on it. Beyonce has taken verbatim every bit of a few of Kylie's performances.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kylie Video Blog #23: Show Day In Toronto!

Well you may have read my thoughts on my first live experience with Kylie, but how did Kylie and her Team feel about their first show in Canada ever? Find out in the video above. Special shout out to her guitar player Adrian who is a fellow Canadian and did an amazing job last night (as they all did). His solo during 2 Hearts was pretty rockin'!

My Dreams Of The Impossible Princess Come True!

OMG! I want to start off by saying that this isn't technically a review but more of a gigantic love fest to celebrate what I witnessed tonight.

As I have mentioned many times before, I (like many other fans) have been in love with Kylie and followed every step of her career since The Loco-Motion (since my brother received her 1988 self-titled debut album as a gift for his birthday, I never let her music go out of my head). And thanks to trips to the UK, and amazing relatives in the UK that continually supported my love for her artistry by providing me with albums when they were not available to purchase in my nativeland, I was able to keep up with her evolution. With the music came the dvd's of tours that I never got to see with my own eyes, and I was resigned to the fact that it may never happen.....UNTIL TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twenty one years of waiting, and let me tell you.... it was worth every single minute. When I got myself down to the Air Canada Centre (along with my friends Dean and Erin) I was a bit perturbed, because when I got myself to one of the many merchandise kiosks, all of the Tour Books in the building had already sold out (bummer). I later bought myself a poster and came home and ordered a tour book and keychain off her official website. But back to the good stuff. Sitting in our seats waiting for the show to start, I was fidgeting and plotzing so hard.

Then the lights went down, the sound came up, Kylie's band played a Hollywood film like intro before the curtain went up, the lasers came on, the countdown for Light Years started and Kylie descended like a futuristic princess standing atop the gleaming disco skull of "KYLIEXTOUR2008" fame. I was out of my mind on the inside, but quite calm on the outside because I had to take in every single moment. "Please, fasten your seatbelts. My Name Is Kylie!", the crowd went absolutely nuts as she spoke the iconic bridge of Light Years. "Thank you for choosing to fly KM AIR, we hope you'll have a pleasant flight!" No worries there, Darling.

I won't go into a play by play of the songs she did because everyone has seen the setlist (although it's not entirely accurate) but some of the evenings highlights (for me) were,

1) The performance of the new song "Better Than Today" (I can't wait until a studio version of this song is released, so much fun).

2) The "Shocked/What Do I Have To Do/Spinning Around Medley" which was one of my fave moments from Showgirl.

3) "Boombox/Can't Get You Out Of My Head" which was definitely a crowd pleaser.

4) "Slow" (I can't believe how amazing this song is live. It's never been a big favorite of mine but seeing it live, not on dvd, is fucking unbelievable).

5) "Red-Blooded Woman" with her hot as hell male dancers in the shower scene. My friend Erin's personal favorite. Plus the chorus of Where The Wild Roses Grow making a cameo. AMAZING!

6) "Confide In Me" one of my favorite songs by her, and the point in the show where my friend Dean said to me, "I didn't know she could sing like that, live." Hell yah, she can! Plus her gown was absolutely gorgeous during this number.

7) "I Believe In You" (Ballad Version) The moment in the show where I started to get teary eyed because I simply couldn't believe this was actually happening, and when the rose petals started to fall.... it was like a beautiful dream.

8) "The Loco-Motion" (Cabaret version) Super fun and got the older woman in front of me moving her body which was adorable. Plus it's the song that introduced a lot of us to Kylie so it was an important moment in the show.

9) "Kids" Got everybody rockin'!

10) "The One" (With Alternate Beginning) The energy of the crowd somehow shifted into overdrive halfway through this number and went into a whole new stratosphere with the next which was.......

11) "Your Disco Needs You" While the crowd was assaulting Kylie with screams of adoration she decided to take a song request from us and this camp classic from the Light Years album won over all others and the crowd went berzerk. Me included.

12) "Love at First Sight" The perfect song to end the night on. Although I never wanted it to end (and I wished she would have done I Should Be So Lucky), the crowd was in maximum overdrive and this song just brought us all to our knees.

I only sat down once during the whole show (during the ballad section between White Diamond and the bridge of I Believe In You), and I was sad to see it end, but I am hopeful that we made an impression on her and she will return sooner than we expect and dazzle us all again with her superior shows. I've never heard the Air Canada Centre so loud with screaming fans at only half capacity (the 300's section was blocked off) which just goes to show that Miss Minogue is truly a phenomenon. I cried, I partied, I danced, I sang, I screamed myself hoarse and it will probably remain in my memory as the greatest show I have ever seen. She is a consumate performer and makes such a warm connection with her audience. I love you Kylie! Thank you for making this the greatest night of my life so far (well, tied with the first night I saw Madonna live).

I hope she has filmed the show or will be doing so during her last few shows in New York. I would absolutely love to have a dvd of this concert. I know it was a mash up of all of her past shows but still. I want to remember that moment forever.

I'm out for now, PEACE & LOVE Kylie fans!
PS. OMG I almost completely forgot another fave bit, "Burning Up/Vogue" Simply magical.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Kylie Video Blog #22: Goodbye Chicago, Hello Toronto!

The title says it all, Team Kylie says goodbye to The Windy City, and hello to my city! Kylie Tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kylie Video Blog #21: Chicago Vox Pops

The fans in Chicago react to Kylie after the performance last night. OMG I can't believe that some guy actually skipped his Grandmother's funeral to go to the concert. I mean as much as I say that nothing will stop me from seeing this show, I would have to say that my Gran's funeral would take the prize for top priority. Oh well, almost 25 hours until I see Kylie for myself.

Kylie Video Blog #20: Chicago Show Time

Team Kylie's thought's on Chicago as they set up for the show that took place last night. Plus, a few of them mention their excitment for moving the show onto Toronto! It's very exciting for me to think that Team Kylie is in Toronto right now setting up for tomorrow nights show at the Air Canada Centre. I love you Kylie. I'm counting the very seconds until the show. YYYYYAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

Kylie Video Blog #19: Better Than Today

Miss "Minogly" and her choreographer Tony Testo"sterone" give us all a tutorial to teach us the onstage moves for the new Minogue song Better Than Today. Grab your lamp shades and your feathers and give it a go.

PS. I finally get to see her tomorrow. TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kylie Video Blog #18: Kylie Trivia In Chicago

The fans in Chicago display their penchant for Minogue facts as they wait outside the UIC Pavillion yesterday before the show, and one fan shows us his Kylie moves. Very cool.

Kylie Video Blog #17: Chicago Loves Kylie

I didn't get the chance to add any posts yesterday, so here are a few new additions from the official video blog. First we see what the fans in Chicago have to say about our Showgirl Princess arriving in their town.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

KYLIEUSA2009: Merchandise

Just two pictures to show you some of the merchandise that is available to buy at the shows. Pick and choose now so you don't get stuck in the crushing mob that awaits at the merch stands in the venues. I hate people who stand there forever when I know what I want already. Looks like most t-shirts are $35, programs $25, mugs $15, Posters $10, Hoodies $40, Hats $30, Metal Keychains $10 or $15. Oooh but it looks like the Mac-Daddy of merchandise items is an Autographed Hard Cover Collectors Book with Case which goes for $350. Prices may vary for the Canadian show.

Monday, October 5, 2009

KYLIEUSA2009: Chicago

Here's a small message from Team Kylie regarding the attendees of the show on Sunday night at the Hollywood Bowl in LA, and what's to look forward to as they move the show to Chicago for their show on Wednesday night. They're almost in Toronto. YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A quite spectacular show – befitting all the Hollywood glitz and glamour! A huge amount of energy and love in the Bowl!

The Hollywood ‘Love Bowl’ – that’s for sure.

Tomorrow is a day off as we hit Chicago and enjoy some blues. I am sure we will have no shortage of impressive sights to see. And have no doubt, that everyone is ready for some rest and relaxation. Thank goodness.

Love Team Kylie xx

Also, for those of you who are planning on attending the show in Chicago tomorrow night, be advised that the show has switched venues. It will now be taking place at the UIC Pavillion instead of The Congress Theatre. The switch was made because the scale of the production is simply too large to fit in the Congress. Due to this move, an additional block of tickets has been released for those fans who were unable to purchase tickets the first time around. So grab them up quick!

Kylie Video Blog #16: Vegas To LA

Team Kylie celebrates the move from Las Vegas to Los Angeles as they prepared to play the infamous Hollywood "Love" Bowl last night. Today they are off to Chicago to prepare for their show on Wednesday, then after that, they hit TORONTO BABY. 4 More Days, I can hardly contain myself.

Kylie Video Blog #15: Las Vegas Vox Pops

A look at the fan reactions following her show Saturday night at the Pearl "Palms Resort & Casino" in Las Vegas. That's such a cute tattoo that one guy has.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kylie Video Blog #14: Vegas Baby Vegas!

Let's take a look at Team Kylie's reaction to moving the show from San Francisco to Las Vegas. I love that little "sparkles" move that Kylie and her Tour Manager do, that's adorable.

KYLIEUSA2009 Tour: Rocking Vegas!

Just a small message from Kylie's official website about their show last night in Las Vegas. Isn't it exciting to see Kylie's name in lights on the Vegas Strip?

Absolutely rocking Vegas show tonight! It may have taken a few years but we all felt perfectly at home at The Pearl ‘Palms Resort & Casino’.

What a great crowd – special mention to the lovely Nate [catsuit boy!] and the truckers. Superb costume effort!

So now we head to Lala Land tomorrow for more glitz, glamor and of course, ‘Kylie Sparkle’.

Team Kylie must rest now as its been a long day and tomorrow will be even longer.


Tonight the show performs at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA.

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Kylie Minogue: Impossible Princess A Ten Year History (Documentary)

I found this pretty great fan made documentary on youtube that follows Kylie's career between the years 1988 and 1998 (from "I Should Be So Lucky" to "Impossible Princess"), featuring television interviews, clips from Neighbours, concert footage and of course clips from some of our most beloved Kylie music video's. Have a look. It's a bit incomplete, Part 5 is missing but it's still interesting. If part 5 becomes available I will fit it in later.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 6

Kylie Minogue: The "Let's Get To It" Tour

With all this mentioning of the latest KYLIEUSA2009 tour I thought it might be fun to look back on some of Kylie's earlier tours, like this one from 1991 in support of the "Let's Get To It" album. This tour (which was only 12 shows long) only went through the UK and Ireland and was considered a continuation (for the British fans)of her earlier "Rhythm Of Love" Tour. Fun Fact: Kylie's wardrobe for this tour was created by fashion designer John Galliano. So let's Step Back In Time and witness this tour for ourselves. The only thing missing is the Intro to the show. Oh Well.

Step Back In Time

Wouldn't Change A Thing

Got To Be Certain

Always Find The Time

Let's Get To It

Word Is Out

Finer Feelings

I Should Be So Lucky

Love Train

If You Were With Me Now feat. Keith Washington

Too Much Of A Good Thing

What Do I Have To Do

I Guess I Like It Like That

The Loco-Motion

Shocked feat. Jazzi P.

Better The Devil You Know

Amazing Grace

Friday, October 2, 2009

Kylie Video Blog #13: Goodbye San Fran - Hello Vegas!

Team Kylie responds to the overwhelming fan reactions in San Francisco and packs up the show to move onto Las Vegas where they will be performing at The Pearl 'Palms Resort & Casino' tomorrow night.

Kylie Video Blog #12: San Francisco Vox Pops After Show

The fans reactions after Kylie's second night at the Fox Theatre in San Francisco. I love the outfits, particularly the hand made outfit from the Can't Get You Out Of My Head video.

Kylie Video Blog #11: Kylie & Willie Talk About Team Kylie Coming To America!

The title pretty much speaks for itself. Kylie and her long-time Creative Director William Baker taking a moment to discuss why the time had come to hit America. Plus Kylie reveals her love for road cases, lol.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kylie Video Blog #10: End Of The FIrst Show Party!

It's just exciting to seem them all so excited. Congratulations Team Kylie indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KylieUSA2009: New Song - Better Than Today *SPOILER*

ANOTHER HUGE SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kylie unleashes a brand new song called "Better Than Today" from her forthcoming new studio album upon the audience during the show. Do not watch the video if you want to be surprised, the video is a bit lacking but the audio is pretty good.

KylieUSA2009 Tour: Show Opening - Light Years *SPOILER*

HUGE SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!! Do not watch the above video if you want the show to be a surprise. There are little flickers here and there but all in all this is a pretty good video of the shows opening number (and one of my personal favorites) Light Years! I'm plotzing, this is so exciting. I shouldn't have watched it but I've been waiting so long for this moment that I just couldn't help myself. 8 Days and counting til I witness it for myself. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!

Opening Night - Oh What A Night!

Team Kylie has submitted their own personal thank you to the fans in San Francisco who went out to support and witness Kylie's opening night last night. Here is their message.

What an incredible opening night! What a crowd and what a vibe!

One last dress rehearsal this afternoon and then it all came together perfectly. The always accommodating “Fox Theatre” in Oakland has helped Team Kylie out so much over the past couple of days – and it all paid off tonight.

Fans queued for hours prior to the doors opening whilst the crew made the finishing touches to the show. When 8:30pm rolled around and Kylie came on stage, the atmosphere was electric. Fans screaming, the merchandise stand packed and everyone having a great time.

A special mention to the amazing fans who took the time to dress up – we loved seeing your costumes and cant wait to see what tomorrow night brings.
Remember to review Kylie’s concert online - simply upload the video to youtube and tag it with #kyliereview so we can find it!

Thank you San Francisco!

KylieUSA2009 First Show Review *Contains Spoilers*

There are plenty of reviews floating around about Kylie's first performance last night in San Francisco, most of which written by pleasant (yet somewhat ignorant) journalists who seem to believe that Kylie's onstage costumes are completely ripped off from the likes of Beyonce and Lady GaGa. What said journalists don't understand is that the complete opposite is true. Kylie has been performing in these revealing futuristic costumes for almost 8 years now (see the FeverTour 2002 DVD). They really should study her work in Europe before they make stupid comments. However one reviewer that I have found (and happens to be a fan) makes no such comparisons.

Here is the review by Gordon Elgart from Beware, this post does contain a few spoilers.

First off, a spoiler warning. Although usually seen in movie reviews, I think one applies here. If you don’t want to know what songs she played, how many costume changes there were, and how she reworked some of her classic songs, then read no further. If, on the other hand, you want to know what’s coming soon, or you aren’t going to have a chance to see for yourself, jump on board, take a ride, yeah.

When I arrived at the Fox at 6:15 tonight, the line to get in was enormous. I don’t know how long people had been waiting to see Kylie (20 years, I guess for some), but there was an absolute electricity in the air. This was going to be big. Then the front of house manager explained to us that this was the biggest show yet put on at The Fox, and may be the biggest one it will ever do. And oh my, was it ever.

At 8:30, the lights went down and we heard an overture of film music. This is the pre-roll and lets everyone know to hurry up and get to their seats. Then, the music to “Light Years” kicked in as a giant silver skull started descending from the rafters. And who was on that skull? Why Kylie Minogue of course. Costume one: A cyberbunk thing with feathers and an odd hat that looked like orbiting planets. The crowd went absolutely bonkers. This was the first of many times that the crowd would go absolutely bonkers.

When the dancers came out dressed like Sorayama paintings, and began their choreographed moves with Kylie, every single dance step was met with huge amounts of applause and screaming. The show has barely begun. After a cyberbunk dirty disco rendition of “Come Into My World,” she finished the cyberpunk portion of the show with “In Your Eyes.”

She then came back out and did a medley of some of her Stock Aitken Waterman hits. Costume two: sexy leather with shiny vest, cute and sexy. After this medley, she came back out in another costume. Costume three: sexy cruise director borrowing the captain’s hat. She proceeded to play more hits, and this is where “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” showed up, not the end like might be expected. During the sailing portion of the show (in which her background dancers were wearing catcher’s masks and Folsom gear), she finally introduced a three-piece horn section, making her stage entourage complete. Because I kept count, I can tell you there was: a drummer, bass player, guitarist, keyboard player, two background singers, three horn players, and eight ridiculous dancers.

During the next break, the giant video screens started showing shirtless guys showering. The crowd starting whistling and hollering. Then the screens went up to reveal her four male dancers, shirtless, underneath stage showers. They fake showered for a bit, and then they did a bunch of crazy shirtless gymnastic antics before revealing Kylie and her latest costume for the next set of songs. Costume four: black rhinestone-laden leotard and black/nude tights. I decided somewhere along the way, and wrote it in my notebook here, that Kylie was honestly having a great time, and wasn’t just faking it. I can imagine she had some doubt about the reception she might get from American audiences, and the crowd was so audibly appreciative, I think she was sincerely taken aback.

Before I knew it, the set changed again, and this time Kylie was revealed sitting on a giant couch inspired by early Hollywood musicals. Costume five: Hollywood musical gown. Stylish. She sang some slower songs here, and took on the role of a classic film star. It was pretty classy. They even dropped paper rose petals as she finished “I Believe in You.” So where do you go from classy?

Costume six: My fashion knowledge is too limited to know what this is called other than hot black stage lingerie. This next set was the “I’m Kylie Minogue and I’m damned sexy” part. First off, you’d have to been sleeping through the show not to notice already that Kylie Minogue is an extremely attractive woman who actually sings live. This already makes her the sexiest pop star alive. So when she did the stripper-music version of “Locomotion” including some great “swing your hips now” action, it was just showing off at this point. When she pulled out the song “Kids,” Robbie Williams did not appear on stage, and his part was played by one of her background singers. (They left out Robbie’s rap. It wasn’t missed.)

Finally everyone left the stage. The crowd went ballistic. Personally, I both shouted and twittered “Kylie! Kylie! Kylie! Kylie!” She came back out all on her own–no dancers or lasers–and did an energetic version of “Better the Devil You Know” with lots of opportunity for crowd participation. Costume seven: That shiny black leotard again, but this time with plain black tights. Then she brought back her dancers for a curtain call (they were all wearing “I Heart KM” t-shirts, available at the merch booth) before finishing with “The One” and “Love at First Sight.”

This was easily the best show I’ve seen at The Fox in Oakland, and may be the best for some time. Kylie Minogue is a great performer, and the entire show is so much bigger than the room, it can blow away anyone who might come into contact with it. I’m glad to have been there, and I’m glad to be going back tomorrow. If you’re wavering about paying some ungodly price to go, but it’s actually in your price range, I say take a deep breath and go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

Kylie Video Blog #9: Walk To Stage - First Show In The USA!

Kylie and the crew backstage 2 minutes before showtime. What an awesome costume and headpiece she is wearing.

Kylie Video Blog #8: Show Day Shenanigans

We had our look at the fan's reactions leading up to showtime, so of course we have to see what Team Kylie got up to in the hours beforehand. Take a look.

Kylie Video Blog #7: Pre Show Excitement

Well, last night was the official opening of the KylieUSA2009/For You, For Me Tour and there were a few video blogs created before Kylie hit the stage. Seeing the pictures this morning and reading some of the reviews has my heart bursting. I am unnaturally excited for this show. Here are the reactions (most of which I share) of some of the fans last night as they waited in line to enter the Fox Theatre Oakland. I love the guy who recreated Kylie's leopardprint catsuit from the Showgirl Homecoming tour. Now that's dedication!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kylie Video Blog # 6: Production Rehearsals Day 2

Meet more members of Team Kylie, get a first hand look at a few small costume pieces and witness the brewing excitement of all involved. OMG I can't wait. These next 10 days are going to kill me!

Kylie's song says it best,

"Count the days 'til we're together (1, 2, 3), Though it feels like forever!"

Kylie Video Blog # 5: San Francisco Venue... all the details!

Tony Leong, the production manager for the Fox Theatre Oakland in San Francisco gives us all the details about the theatre that will Christen this new tour and send it on it's way. Apparently, this is the biggest production that this theatre has ever seen.

Kylie Video Blog # 4: Production Rehearsals Day 1

Meet some of Team Kylie, including Wardrobe, Dancers, Manager etc. as we are given the smallest sneaky peek into the production that awaits us all. Sew those feathers Louise!

Kylie Video Blog #3: San Francisco - Who Is Kylie Minogue?

Team Kylie hit the streets of San Francisco (where Kylie will be opening her tour tonight) to find out what the people's thoughts about her were. Check out the results.

Kylie Video Blog #2: Welcome To Kylie's Blog

Kylie invites you to follow her on her official websites new blog and makes sure to tell you that you can also follow her on her Twitter Page.

Kylie Video Blog #1: The Countdown Begins

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, Kylie has started a new Tour Blog for the "KylieUSA2009/For You, For Me" (whatever you want to call it) Tour, which you can follow exclusively HERE. I have chosen to add the video blogs that are put up so we can all keep up together.

The first of the bunch is appropriately titled The Countdown begins. Take a look.

For You, For Me Tour Setlist *Spoiler*

Tonight is the official opening night for Kylie's first North American Tour. I'm counting down the days until the Toronto show because I know I am going to die. The excitement in my body is raging out of control with each new piece of information that is revealed about the show and with Kylie starting her own Tour Blog, the behind the scenes looks are becoming more and more frequent.

One of the most exciting reveals so far was when Kylie herself sent infamous blogger Perez Hilton the handwritten setlist for the shows to come. If you are one who likes to be surprised, then I suggest that you stop reading here because I am now going to reveal said setlist. Here We Go!!!!!!!!!!!

Act 1:

Light Years (one of my faves YAAAAYYY!!!!)
Come Into My World
In Your Eyes

Act 2:
Medley (it hasn't been revealed what songs are in the medley but I hope it's old hits)

Act 3:
Like A Drug/Boombox/Can't Get You Out Of My Head
2 Hearts

Act 4:
Red Blooded Woman/Where The Wild Roses Grow

Act 5:
White Diamond
Confide In Me
I Believe In You

Act 6:
Burning Up/Vogue
The Loco-motion
On A Night Like This
In My Arms

Act 7:
Love At First Sight
Better The Devil You Know

Act 8:
Encore (Kylie has not yet revealed the songs for the encore because she wants it to be a surprise).

So it looks like 80% newer material with a touch here and there of older hits. This is going to be one hell of a show. During an interview with Blackbook Magazine, Kylie spoke of her North American fans and what they should expect from the show,

"The fans in America aren't great in number, but they're great in spirit. And they've been so patient. I think I really shocked them when I said I was touring, because they've become accepting of the fact that it was never going to happen. But I meant it, all the years I spent saying I would love to tour the States."

"I decided not to go somewhere I've never been before, direction-wise, because American audiences haven't seen my live shows for the most part. So we decided - and I guess it works well in these financial times - to bring with us a "best of" my different tours."

10 Days and counting until my music dream come true.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hand On Your Heart (Music Video)

Recorded in February 1989, 'Hand On Your Heart', the first single from Kylie's second album 'Enjoy Yourself', debuted on British charts at No.2 on week of release - the second time she had achieved such a feat. The single took the #1 spot the following week and became her third #1 single in the UK charts.

The song didn't fare as well on the charts in her homeland, reaching the #4 spot, but it was released as a special limited edition 7" and 12" vinyl, in posterbags featuring different artwork from the UK cover.

The video for the song features Kylie playfully dancing around an abstract room full of mirrors and dressed in many a primary color, all the while being teased by little cartoon hearts flying around her. This fan favorite (which Kylie has since admitted was one of the most uncomfortable and awkward to shoot) was directed by Chris Langman in Kylie's hometown of Melbourne. Which dress is your favorite? Red, Yellow, or Blue?

The Today Show Interview (2009)

This interview was a bit of a waste of time to be honest, because Kathie Lee and Hoda are such wreched interviewers but it is Kylie's first public appearance in North America talking about the For You, For Me Tour so it's important that I include it here. That and she looks lovely.

My Dream Come True

I am sooooo excited to announce that I have gotten tickets for Kylie's first ever show in Canada, coming to the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on October 9th. Like many, I was a bit upset yesterday when the pre-sale for the show started. The pre-sale was for AMEX Gold card carriers and fans who had signed up for her official mailing list. The mailing list fans were to receive an e-mail before the presale started at 10am with a special code word enclosed within to purchase tickets. However, many of us (myself included) were most upset when the e-mail didn't arrive until 10:45 or later, leaving us all ticketless.

By some saving grace, because the initial pre-sale tickets had gone so quickly, Camp Kylie chose to release more tickets this morning.... and so, here I am, a happy boy indeed counting down the days until I go see Kylie in the flesh.

I have been a fan of Kylie's since I was 6 or 7 years old. I can still remember my Brother getting her first album on cassette for his birthday and me falling in love with her music (especially the Loco-Motion which my Mom liked to listen to as well because she was familiar with the Little Eva version). I also immediately liked her because we shared a similar first name, my name being Kyle, and it was the first time I had ever heard the name Kylie. Nowadays that sort of thing wouldn't have any effect on me, but when you're 6..... weird things matter to you. I guess I thought she was a kindred spirit because I believed the name Kyle was a rare name (it was not often I ran into another kid named Kyle or had one in any of my school classes) and any variation of that name was special to me. I was a strange child okay? I also once believed that I was responsible for Gloria Estefan's bus accident. Go figure!

Given that Kylie's albums after her second release, 1989's "Enjoy Yourself", were no longer released widely in Canada, it became harder to collect her music, but between paying high prices finding them in import sections in record stores in Toronto, buying them in record stores in Scotland on one of my many trips there to visit family, and having a great cousin over in Scotland to bring me the latest album when she visited, I have been able to sustain my collection.

And now here we are, Kylie has been making a name for herself in North America since the release of Fever and it's finally come time to perform for her many adoring fans on this side of the pond. Get your tickets as soon as you can because they are sure to go fast. The official onsale date is this coming Friday May 15th at 10am, but if you care to join in on the presale and get your tickets a bit earlier, the fanclub password is COSMIC. Good luck.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Kylie Interview With Cat Deeley (2006)

Okay, everytime I try to add this interview anywhere it eventually gets removed from youtube. Hopefully this one will stick around for a little bit. This is the official first interview that Kylie gave after coming back from her battle with breast cancer in 2005/2006. Cat Deeley, now of So You Think You Can Dance fame, interviewed Kylie on June 16th, 2006 for Sky One in the UK about her ordeal and her impending return to the stage on her Showgirl Homecoming tour. Kylie is open, honest, and extremely lovely as usual. Give it a watch before it disappears again lol.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

For You, For Me Tour

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

I am so sorry I have been neglecting this space for awhile but if anything could bring this site back to life, it is definitely the announcement of Kylie's very first North American Tour.

The Impossible Princess made a public announcement today that she will be doing a very special 6 show Tour throughout the US and Canada this fall entitled the For You, For Me tour. The show will be a departure from her most recent 2008"X"Tour, with an entirely new setlist and stage production.

In the press release, the tour promoter Bill Silva (who has worked with the likes of Madonna and The Rolling Stones) stated,

"Kylie has such a successful career outside of North America that it has taken quite a while to find a window in her schedule for the U.S. and Canada,”

“Her amazing fans in North America will be well rewarded for their patience when they experience her show and its entire spectacle. We are confident in the tour’s success, and hope that Kylie will make this the first of many tours to our shores.”

"I've wanted to tour in America and Canada for years and know that fans have been waiting a long time for this, " said Minogue. "I'm thrilled that the opportunity has finally arrived."

The tour dates for the For You, For Me Tour are as follows,

Sep. 30 Oakland, CA (SF Bay Area) Oakland Fox Theatre
Oct. 3 Las Vegas, NV The Pearl (Palms Hotel and Casino)
Oct. 4 Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Bowl
Oct. 7 Chicago, IL The Congress Theater
Oct. 9 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre
Oct. 11 New York, NY Hammerstein Ballroom

I am so thrilled that she will be stopping in Toronto. I have been waiting almost 22 years for this moment to come and it's finally here. I can't quite articulate my excitement, let's just say I started to cry when I read the news.

Tickets go on sale the weekend of May 15th. I hope to God I get a ticket, otherwise I will be heartbroken. Fingers crossed kids.