Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Craig Kilborn Interview (February 2002)

During Kylie's promotional trip to America for 2001 "Fever" album, she stopped by the Late Late Show studio's and spoke to the shows host Craig Kilborn about meeting Prince Charles for the first time, her wax figures at Madame Tussauds in London, her favorite American pasttime, and the old days of Neighbours and the Loco-Motion. Worth a watch.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Alone Again (Unreleased Song)

I didn't really want to add video's of the fan made nature to the site but I decided to vote against myself and add this one because I really enjoy this unreleased song from Kylie which was written by Madonna and Rick Nowles during the creative process of Madonna's Ray Of Light album (1998).

Once it was scrapped from Ray Of Light, the song was given to Kylie for inclusion on her album Fever (2001). Kylie recorded the song but it did not make the cut for the album and talk later surfaced that it would be included as a b-side to her single "Come Into My World", but these plans also fell through.

The track has to this date not been officially released but it was overheard in Kylie's recent documentary "White Diamond" during scenes of her discussing her ex boyfriend Olivier Martinez. Madonna was thanked in the credits of the film.

Kylie's New Beau?

The rumourmill has been abuzz with reports that Kylie has found a new man. Kylie, who split with her long time boyfriend, actor Olivier Martinez last year, was seen in the arms of Spanish supermodel Andres Velencoso at burlesque artist Dita Von Teese' birthday party.

On lookers were reported as saying, "It was Dita's party but Kylie was definitely the star of the show. She was turning heads and people were asking about the guy she was sitting with."
Velencoso, who has posed for designers from Emporio Armani to Chanel, is 10 years younger than Kylie and bears a striking resemblance to Martinez. I say go for it Kylie.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Minogue Sisters Take It All

This is almost literally every gay man's musical wet dream come true! As mentioned in her interview on Rove Live, Kylie intends to take back her "biggest gay icon" stature from Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo by recording a duet with her sister Dannii.

The two sisters who have performed only a handful of times together (most recently Dannii joined Kylie to sing the Robbie Williams duet Kids during one show of her sisters Showgirl Homecoming tour), have joined forces and recorded a cover version of the ABBA classic "The Winner Takes It All" which will be used as the theme song for the new BBC2 comedy sitcom "Beautiful People".

The song will be featured as part of the soundtrack for the show that will be released in stores October 20th in the UK. Anything would be better than hearing Meryl Streep trying to sing it in Mamma Mia! Sweet Lord, that was awful.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kylie: The Musical

Kylie is set to start writing a musical for the West End in London that will be based around some of her biggest hits.

She is joining together with Australian author and friend Kathy Lette to write the dialogue for the show and she promises her fans that the show will be raunchy. Kathy says,

"We'll weave all her hits together into a great storyline,"

"Kylie never does anything naff. She's got a finely tuned crap antenna and we don't suffer from an irony deficiency."

Kylie's sister Dannii is also reported to be working on the project and they all hope to turn the musical into a film if it's a success. I would say that this is a bad idea but it seems to be the big thing to do these days. This is very "The Boy From Oz", or even Jersey Boys. Some make it and some don't.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On A Night Like This (Music Video)

The next logical step is of course to add the actual video for On A Night Like This, the second single from Kylie's "comeback album" "Light Years" (2000).
The song has been recorded by two other artists besides Kylie. Once by Swedish performer "Pandora" in 1999, and by Greek performer Anna Vissi in early 2000. Kylie's version was released September 11th, 2000 and went to #2 in the UK charts behind Modjo's "Lady (Hear Me Tonight)". However the single did initially go to #1 in the Australian music charts upon it's first release, slipped down to the #5 position and jumped back up to #1 following Kylie's performance of the song during the closing ceremonies of the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. The track subsequently holds the record for biggest jump back to number 1.
The video (as mentioned below) was shot in Monte Carlo and features actor Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner) as Kylie's sugardaddy.

On A Night Like This: Behind The Scenes

This is a behind the scenes look at the making of the video for On A Night Like This. Take a look.

Better The Devil You Know (Music Video)

Considered by many to be the birth of "SexKylie", Ms. Minogue took control over her public image with the release of her first single from her third studio album "Rhythm Of Love" (1990).
Gone were the hoop earrings, big hair, and cute clothes of her 80's girl next door image, Kylie graced the screen with slick figure revealing clothes, dark eye make-up and a new sense of freedom. The music also changed from infectious bubblegum pop, to a more stylized dance sound.
Better The Devil You Know was released April 30th, 1990, debuting at the #5 position on the UK charts but then moved up to the #2 spot, becoming Kylie's 10th top five single release in Britain. The video features her in different dance club scenario's (a staple for dance pop music video's of the early '90's) and being held in the arms of her lover.
Many felt (and Kylie agreed) that Kylie's image change was due to the influence of her then boyfriend Michael Hutchence, who publicly claimed that one of his favorite hobbies was "corrupting Kylie".

Travelodge Deflowering

For some reason, Kylie's old ex-boyfriend (and ex Neighbours castmate) Jason Donovan, who neglected to mention anything about his exgirlfriend in his latest Autobiography "Between The Lines", is now blabbing in the media about their first sexual experience together.

The two initially met when they were cast to play their respective roles of Scott Robinson and Charlene Mitchell on Neighbours in 1986. The two characters fell in love despite their families objections and got married in the summer of 1987. The Scott and Charlene wedding episode was one of the highest rated episodes in the shows history.

Off screen, Kylie and Jason had sparked a similar relationship and were the young golden couple of Australian media.
Jason just announced that his first sexual experience with Kylie was at a Travelodge Budget Hotel in Sydney.

"It was practical and had a bed and a telly."

He also revealed why his relationship ended with the showgirl. Stating that Kylie told him over the phone that their relationship was over, when she started seeing late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence in 1989.
"I don’t see it as humiliating. If you’re going to lose someone you might as well lose them to Michael Hutchence."

Michael was very integral in Kylie's ditching of her girl next door image which she had gained from her first two albums.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Kylie Xtour 2008: I Should Be So Lucky (Live)

And finally, we go all the way back to the beginning of her career as she performs "I Should Be So Lucky" as the farewell number of this amazing venture.
I really hope you enjoy watching this concert, and I hope some of you are lucky enough to see it in person.

Kylie Xtour 2008: Love At First Sight (Live)

Her hit song from the Fever album, "Love At First Sight" is the second last song of this special presentation.
Not to be confused with the "Love At First Sight" which appears on her first album "Kylie". I think she is one of the only artists (that I know of), who has two completely different songs with the same title.

BTW. First she let's gold flecks rain down on her audience, and now she has balloons falling on them. She really goes all out, doesn't she?

Kylie Xtour 2008: The One (Live)

Kylie performs her latest single "The One (The Freemason Remix).

Kylie Xtour 2008: No More Rain (Live)

The encore of the show starts with the song "No More Rain" ("X" 2007).
One of the two songs on the album that references the time of her battle with breast cancer, the lyrics were formed from Kylie's dreaming of performing in front of her fans when she was well again. My personal favorite song from this record.

Kylie Xtour 2008: In My Arms (Live)

Do not adjust your screens, this is only a test.

Kylie performs her third single from "X", called "In My Arms". We're almost done with this round of live posts. Hope you've been enjoying them. The non-concert pictures that accompany some of the posts (such as the one above), are pictures taken from the Tour Book.

Kylie Xtour 2008: Step Back In Time (Live)

Starting off acapella, the black and white theme springs into technicolor for Kylie's 1991 classic "Step Back In Time" ("Rhythm Of Love" 1990). It looks as if she's made her dancers dress up as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Bizarre.

Kylie Xtour 2008: Kids (Live)

Continuing on the Black & White theme (a stripped down version of it anyway), Ms. Minogue performs her 2000 duet with Robbie Williams, "Kids" (Light Years), with her backup singers Dawn Joseph and Roxanne Wilde.

Kylie Xtour 2008: Your Disco Needs You (Live)

"From Soho to Singapore, from the mainland to the shore...Your disco needs you."
It's songs like this (from Light Years 2000), that make Kylie one of the biggest gay icons in the world. It's seriously over the top, over dramatized, cheesy, campy, gay as hell, fun. The fact that she appears as a general leading her troop of dancers and sings an aria at the end...hello!?!

Kylie XTour 2008: On A Night Like This (Live)

From Cinderella to Prince Charming, Kylie tranforms into a dapper looking English coachman for the sixth theme called "Black & White".
Her dancers perform a modern type waltz, while she sings "On A Night Like This" (Light Years 2000) in full on general threads complete with riding boots and tails.

Kylie Xtour 2008: I Believe In You (Live)

Flower melts into the orchestral version of her 2004 hit "I Believe In You" from her greatest hits compilation album, "Ultimate Kylie".
No big light show is needed for this portion. Her voice is sublime on it's own. To think she was once labelled as a "singing budgie" because the critics believed that she lipsynched during her performances. Bite your tongue.

Kylie Xtour 2008: Flower (Live)

Time for a selection of ballads in the point of the show called "Starry Nights".
Kylie appears in a romantic blue satin gown and serenades the audience with the second currently unreleased song from the "X" recordings to be premiered on the tour, called "Flower". Another great song which will hopefully see the light of day as a b-side.

Kylie Xtour 2008: Sensitized (Live)

Kylie rounds off the fourth section of the concert with a performance of the track "Sensitized" ("X" 2007).
Look at how acrobatic her male dancers are, climbing all over and hanging on that cage. I can't even imagine how much strength you would have to have to hold your entire body up and out like that while holding on to a poll. Madness.

Kylie Xtour 2008: Nu-di-ty (Live)

Yet another track from the latest album, Kylie brings on the naughty girl as she performs the avant garde, new dance track Nu-di-ty. This may be one of my favorite songs from the album. It's very unusual.
I enjoy the fact that the front "extention's" part of her hair is simply a headband with hair pieces attached to it, while her real hair is in an updo in the back. Way to save time. Notice the Manga girl on the screen in the background?

Kylie Xtour 2008: Come Into My World (Live)

Here is the fourth section of the Xtour show, called "Naughty Manga Girl", which starts with a performance of "Come Into My World (The Fischerspoon Remix)" (Fever 2001).
The theme for this section has Kylie and her dancers dressed up as Japanese Manga characters. Manga is a form of Japanese comic artistry (similar to the idea's of Anime).

Kylie Xtour 2008: 2 Hearts (Live)

Bring on the brass section.
Kylie performs a big band inspired version of her lead single from X, "2 Hearts". Her stamina is pretty impressive considering her cancer ordeal in 2005/2006, and the fact that she's 40.

Kylie Xtour 2008: Slow/Free (Live)

Kylie demounts the disco skull and performs her hit "Slow" (Body Language 2003). In the Bridge of the song, she break down into the song "Free" which she performed during her Intimate And Live concert tour back in 1998. The song appears on the live album of the same name which resulted from that tour.

Kylie Xtour 2008: Like A Drug (Live)

The third section of the show is called "Xposed", and shows Kylie dressed as (as she describes it) an erotic bellman.
The first song for this section is the electro twinged "Like A Drug" where Kylie appears singing atop a giant floating disco skull, admitted imagery of cheating death after her battle with breast cancer.

Kylie Xtour 2008: WOW (Live)

Heartbeat Rock gives way to the infectious sounds of the second single from X, "WOW".
The projection screen floor is really effective in this portion of the show. Bring on the footballers.

Kylie Xtour 2008: Heartbeat Rock (Live)

The second section of the show entitled "Cheer Squad", features Kylie and her dancers in full on Pep Rally gear (with Kylie as the head Cheerleader). The first song in the section is the bouncy Fergie-esque "Heartbeat Rock" ("X" 2007) with a parody of the Toni Basil classic "Hey Micky" mixed in for good measure.
The reworked lyrics "Hey Minnie, you're so fine..." is in dedication to her nickname Minnie, which is a cutening of Minogue and for the fact that she is so tiny.

American Bandstand eat your heart out.

Kylie Xtour 2008: Ruffle My Feathers (Live)

The first of two unreleased tracks from the "X" recording sessions that Kylie performs during the show. It was written in London by Richard Stannard, Julian Peake and Paul Harris at the beginning of the writing process for the album.

I hope it makes it onto one of her next albums, or as a b-side down the road.

Kylie Xtour 2008: Boombox/Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head (Live)

From Speakerphone we delve right into Kylie's biggest hit to date, her Blue Monday remix version of Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Fever 2001). The song starts off with the spoken word jive of the currently unreleased track from the Body Language era, "Boombox".
I love that she doesn't overdo her movements to the point where her singing voice suffers for it. She moves around enough to keep your focus and let's her dancers do the rest of the work. I think Madonna should learn from that, sometimes.

Kylie Xtour2008: Speakerphone (Live)

Kylie is still in the middle of touring with her 2008 Xtour, but back in August, the lucky Kylie fans in the UK were treated to a special television showing of one of Kylie's shows at the 02 Arena in London on 4Music TV.

Lucky for us, I've found the entire tv special and will be posting it in order.

The show (which is Kylie's biggest and best to date) has seven distinct sections to it. First off we have the "Xlectro Static" section which starts off with a futuristic video for the song Speakerphone ("X" 2007) displayed on the giant projection screens which act as a backdrop for the entire show. The screens split apart to reveal Kylie in a black Spiderwoman style dress emerging on a platform within in a giant hoop.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Put Yourself In My Place (Acoustic): MTV's Most Wanted (1995)

Back on July 20th, 1995, Kylie performed two acoustic songs on the MTV UK show MTV's Most Wanted. Though it is available to put up on my page I am only going to add the two performances and not the interview portion of the show (it's a really stupid and pointless interview but the performances are great).

First up we have an acoustic performance of "Put Yourelf In My Place" from her self titled 5th album. I enjoy this version of the song.

If You Don't Love Me: MTV's Most Wanted (Live 1995)

Secondly, Kylie performed the beautiful piano ballad If You Don't Love Me, which was released as a b-side for her song "Confide In Me" and would later make it onto her compilation album "Hit's +" which was dedicated to her two album releases through Deconstruction Records.

The song is a cover song, originally recorded by British group "Prefab Sprout" for their 1992 album "A Life Of Surprises". I hope nobody doubts Kylie's live vocal skills after watching this performance.

Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (Music Video)

Also named "I Still Love You (Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi)" in Australia and the US, this song was the fourth single taken from Kylie's debut album "Kylie" (1988). The song was originally scheduled to be released as a double A-side with an unreleased track called "Made In Heaven", but the song did so well on it's own that those plans were scrapped and Made In Heaven was turned in to the single's B-side (a music video for this song was created though).
Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (which is French for "I Don't Know Why") was written by Stock, Aitken, & Waterman, and it spent 3 weeks in the #2 position on the UK billboard charts.
The video features her in a 1950's inspired sweater set waiting around (In Paris) and daydreaming about dancing with her loved one.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Agent Provocateur Commercial

In 2001, Kylie became one of the many celebrity faces (and bodies)to be a spokesperson for lingerie line Agent Provocateur. As part of the campaign, she shot this cheeky 90 second commercial entitled "Proof", which was shown in movie theatres all across London (and banned in other markets).

The ad received more than 1 million hits on the Agent Provocateur website and was given the award for Best Cinema Commercial at the British TV Awards in 2003.

Kylie would later go on to release her own line of lingerie called "Love Kylie".

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Kylie Show (Part 6)

Finally, Kylie performs "Sensitized" from atop a bucking bronco machine, showcases her drawing talent, and sings "Cosmic" with the help of The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Hope you enjoyed watching this special.

The Kylie Show (Part 5)

Parisian dance group The Crazy Horse Girls join Kylie as back up dancers for her performances of "The One" (her latest single), her assistant Paul shows his penchant for wearing Kylie's tour costume's behind her back, and she performs the orchestral version of "I Believe In You" (Ultimate Kylie, 2004).

The Kylie Show (Part 4)

Kylie performs the inspirational song "No More Rain" from the new album, her 1988 classic "Got To Be Certain" which she hasn't performed live since 1991, and offends a couple of nuns with her gambling habits in the fourth part of the special.

The Kylie Show (Part 3)

Kylie performs the bouncy, infectious "Wow" from X, and has a cat fight with her sister Dannii, only to be interrupted by Simon Cowell.

Simon and Dannii both work as judges on the UK singing competition show The X-Factor.

"You should be so lucky...Lucky...LUCKY!"

The Kylie Show (Part 2)

In the second clip from The Kylie Show, Ms Minogue performs the lead single from X "2 Hearts", her cover of Little Anthony & The Imperials classic "Tears On My Pillow" and gives us an inside look into her dressing room and a few props.

The Kylie Show (Part 1)

In November of 2007, Kylie was given the opportunity to host her very own one-off television special entitled The Kylie Show, the show was a celebration of her 20 years in the music business and also acted as promotion for the X album.

As well as performing a couple of her hit songs, Kylie and a slew of guest stars also performed a few hilarious comedy sketches in the spirit of shows like The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour.

In this first clip, she performs her monster hit "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" and has a back stage encounter with her ex boyfriend and Neighbours co-star Jason Donavan. The special aired on ITV in the UK on November 20th, 2007.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

All I See (Music Video)

Used as the lead single from her latest album "X" (2007) when she released it in North America, All I See is a more mid-tempo r&b style song than the rest of the tracks on the record. Two versions of the song have been released in America. The album version (seen in the video above), and a remixed version featuring rapper Mims, which was released to radio and is featured as a bonus track for the American editions of X.
The song was written by Jonas Jeberg, Mich Hedin Hansen, and Edwin "Lil' Eddie" Serrano, and the black and white video was directed by Kylie's long time creative director William Baker.
It was shot in three hours while Kylie was taking a break from her rehearsals for the X tour, and features Kylie and dancer Marco da Silva dancing in front of a white background. Kylie also released an acoustic performance of the song through her official website.

The Today Show (2008 Interview)

Earlier this year, Kylie made an appearance on The Today Show with Matt Lauer during her promotional tour in America for her latest album "X" (2007).

The two discussed her battle with breast cancer, and why Kylie thinks it has taken her so long to break into the U.S. market.

Kylie has yet to tour North America, but her latest venture (the 2008 "XTour") will be making a few stops around South America in November. So she's coming closer, hopefully it is only a matter of time before she makes it to Canada.

$4 Million Set

Kylie recently confirmed that she will be performing a sixty minute set as part of the grand opening of the Atlantis Hotel Resort in Dubai. The owners of the hotly anticipated new resort located on the manmade island of Palm Jumeira are planning the most expensive private opening gala ever staged, costing an estimated $16 million.

Kylie will be performing for 2,000 A-list guests including politicians, actors, musicians, even royalty at the party which will be held November 20th, and will reportedly be getting paid a whopping $4 Million (US) for the hour long performance. Let's see the Wiggles get paid that much, eh?

A source close to Kylie has said,

"She is already planning the shows, the costumes and the songs but there is no doubt that it will be the climax to the end of her year of touring."

The island is the perfect get away spot for celebrities (mainly due to the prices) and many (including The Beckhams) already own beachfront property. This will be Kylie's first ever performance in the Middle East.

Wiggles Beat Kylie

Somehow the Australian kid entertainers The Wiggles have beaten Kylie the past four years as the richest Australian entertainers of the year, putting Kylie in second place.

The results are a part of Australian Magazine Business Review Week's annual poll that calculated that the Wiggles have earned $36 million between June 2007 and June 2008, whereas Kylie was close behind earning $32.8 million.

Other Australian performers includes in the poll were Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, and Cate Blanchett.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Should Be So Lucky (Music Video)

As I mentioned before, I Should Be So Lucky was Kylie's first official single from her debut album "Kylie" (1988). When Kylie flew to London to meet with songwriters Stock, Aitken & Waterman after the success of The Loco-motion in Australia, the three writers completely forgot that they were expecting her and wrote the song in 40 minutes while Kylie stood outside the recording studio.

It's been written that Mike Stock wrote the lyrics to the song because he believed that although she was a successful soap star in Australia, there must be something wrong with her and he figured that she must be unlucky in love. Kylie recorded the song in under an hour and returned to Australia to continue filming episode's of Neighbours.
The song was released in December of 1987 and went to #1 in both the Australian and UK charts.
The video was directed by Chris Langman and shot at Channel 7 Studio's in Melbourne, Australia. It features Kylie walking and dancing around her house and making cute faces to the camera, as well as images of her standing in front of green screen images of chalkboards and other wholesome images. In other words, being presented as the girl next door.

Rove Live Part Two (2008 Interview)

Find out who Kylie would go gay for as she plays $20 in 20 seconds with Rove.

Rove Live Part One (2008 Interview)

Kylie is currently on her latest tour, the 2008 "X" Tour, and she made time to be interviewed by the Australian talk show Rove Live during her busy schedule. The two of them discussed the fact that she had dropped down the gay icon list to number 2, the imagery of a giant crystal skull being used in her concert, her mother helping her out on her tours, and how touring feels to her since her battle with breast cancer in 2005.

I'm really looking forward to hearing the duet with her sister Dannii. I wonder when that will be released?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Put Yourself In My Place (Music Video)

Released in November of 1994, "Put Yourself In My Place" was the second single taken from her self-titled "Kylie Minogue" album (1994) which was the first album to be released after Kylie moved labels and was signed to the more dance oriented Deconstruction Records.

The song reached number 11 in the UK and Australian charts, and the music video which was made in homage to the Jane Fonda film Barbarella was directed by Kier McFarlane.
The video was so well received in Australia that it won the award for best Australian video at the Australian music awards in 1995.

The Clive James Show (1995) (Interview)

Why I'm starting with this interview, I'm not exactly sure. I guess I just enjoy the fact that she demonstrates an Australian accent, an English accent and an American accent all in one interview.

Kylie appeared on The Clive James Show during promotion of her self titled 5th album and discussed the making of her video for "Put Yourself In My Place", which featured Kylie floating around in a space capsule wearing a hot-pink space suit.

I love her with red hair.

The Loco-Motion (Music Video)

I didn't really know where to start, so I've decided to start at the beginning, but I will in no way be going in any kind of chronological order.

I know that technically "I Should Be So Lucky" was the first official single from Kylie's first album "Kylie" (1988), but as most of her North American fans can attest, Kylie didn't really make a splash until she released her cover of the Little Eva classic The Loco-Motion. Plus it was the song that initially got her her first recording contract so I thought it best to start here. Back in the summer of 1987, then 19 year old Kylie Ann Minogue was starring as tomboy motor mechanic Charlene Mitchell on the long-running Australian soap opera "Neighbours". When she and her fellow castmates were invited to perform at the Fitzroy Football Club Charity Gala, Kylie suggested that they all perform The Loco-Motion impromptu. The audience fell in love with the performance, and Kylie was approached by a representative from Mushroom Records to record the song as a single. The single went straight to number 1 in Australia upon it's release and remained there for a remarkable 7 weeks, becoming the top selling Australian single of the 80's.

As a result Kylie was signed to a full record deal and was flown to London to work with hitmakers Stock, Aitken & Waterman on her first full length album.

The Loco-Motion was re-recorded, and released internationally as Kylie's third single off her debut album, going to number 1 in Canada, number 2 in the UK and number 3 in the US.
The video was shot at Essendon Airport and ABC Studio's in Melbourne, Australia. It's camptastic!

Sidenote: Kylie's brother Brendan makes an appearance in the video. Toward the end of the video when Kylie get's everyone together for a photo, he is the guy in the front wearing the black leather bomber jacket.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Greetings & Salutations

Hey there visitor, welcome to my website dedicated to everything Kylie Minogue. I have had fun (and a bit of success, reader wise) hosting my very own Spice Girls/Solo Spice Girls blog and I needed a bit of a change of pace. Now everybody gets asked who there favorite singer is, and for the longest time I have been saying many different names as an answer to this question, but I think if I really sat down and looked at the evidence, Kylie would definitely be at the top of the list, judging alone on how often I find myself listening to her. I've enjoyed her work for about 20 years now, always looking forward to the new album, new video, new dvd, whatever.

So in time this sight will be filled with music video's, interviews, photo's, newstories, and other such things pertaining to our wonderful Showgirl.

Stay tuned and I hope you will like what you see.

Kyle James x