Wednesday, September 30, 2009

For You, For Me Tour Setlist *Spoiler*

Tonight is the official opening night for Kylie's first North American Tour. I'm counting down the days until the Toronto show because I know I am going to die. The excitement in my body is raging out of control with each new piece of information that is revealed about the show and with Kylie starting her own Tour Blog, the behind the scenes looks are becoming more and more frequent.

One of the most exciting reveals so far was when Kylie herself sent infamous blogger Perez Hilton the handwritten setlist for the shows to come. If you are one who likes to be surprised, then I suggest that you stop reading here because I am now going to reveal said setlist. Here We Go!!!!!!!!!!!

Act 1:

Light Years (one of my faves YAAAAYYY!!!!)
Come Into My World
In Your Eyes

Act 2:
Medley (it hasn't been revealed what songs are in the medley but I hope it's old hits)

Act 3:
Like A Drug/Boombox/Can't Get You Out Of My Head
2 Hearts

Act 4:
Red Blooded Woman/Where The Wild Roses Grow

Act 5:
White Diamond
Confide In Me
I Believe In You

Act 6:
Burning Up/Vogue
The Loco-motion
On A Night Like This
In My Arms

Act 7:
Love At First Sight
Better The Devil You Know

Act 8:
Encore (Kylie has not yet revealed the songs for the encore because she wants it to be a surprise).

So it looks like 80% newer material with a touch here and there of older hits. This is going to be one hell of a show. During an interview with Blackbook Magazine, Kylie spoke of her North American fans and what they should expect from the show,

"The fans in America aren't great in number, but they're great in spirit. And they've been so patient. I think I really shocked them when I said I was touring, because they've become accepting of the fact that it was never going to happen. But I meant it, all the years I spent saying I would love to tour the States."

"I decided not to go somewhere I've never been before, direction-wise, because American audiences haven't seen my live shows for the most part. So we decided - and I guess it works well in these financial times - to bring with us a "best of" my different tours."

10 Days and counting until my music dream come true.

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