Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Better The Devil You Know (Music Video)

Considered by many to be the birth of "SexKylie", Ms. Minogue took control over her public image with the release of her first single from her third studio album "Rhythm Of Love" (1990).
Gone were the hoop earrings, big hair, and cute clothes of her 80's girl next door image, Kylie graced the screen with slick figure revealing clothes, dark eye make-up and a new sense of freedom. The music also changed from infectious bubblegum pop, to a more stylized dance sound.
Better The Devil You Know was released April 30th, 1990, debuting at the #5 position on the UK charts but then moved up to the #2 spot, becoming Kylie's 10th top five single release in Britain. The video features her in different dance club scenario's (a staple for dance pop music video's of the early '90's) and being held in the arms of her lover.
Many felt (and Kylie agreed) that Kylie's image change was due to the influence of her then boyfriend Michael Hutchence, who publicly claimed that one of his favorite hobbies was "corrupting Kylie".

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