Friday, September 19, 2008

Kylie Xtour2008: Speakerphone (Live)

Kylie is still in the middle of touring with her 2008 Xtour, but back in August, the lucky Kylie fans in the UK were treated to a special television showing of one of Kylie's shows at the 02 Arena in London on 4Music TV.

Lucky for us, I've found the entire tv special and will be posting it in order.

The show (which is Kylie's biggest and best to date) has seven distinct sections to it. First off we have the "Xlectro Static" section which starts off with a futuristic video for the song Speakerphone ("X" 2007) displayed on the giant projection screens which act as a backdrop for the entire show. The screens split apart to reveal Kylie in a black Spiderwoman style dress emerging on a platform within in a giant hoop.

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